Does a muffler make my truck sound more aggressive

I currently have my Ford F-150 straight piped but I wanted it to sound more louder and aggressive should I put a flow master muffler on it ?

Ask your neighbors and they will say put stock mufflers on .


If you lived on my block, you’d probably wind up with a potato shoved up the truck’s tailpipe.


Let’s use some deductive reasoning here.

  1. A muffler’s purpose is to reduce the sound level of the truck

  2. You removed the muffler, there is no muffler on the truck, the truck is much louder now, there is no muffler to reduce the sound level. At this point adding a muffler of any kind will reduce the sound level.

  3. Flowmaster is brand of muffler, low restriction mufflers, but mufflers nevertheless

  4. Since Flowmaster is a muffler and adding a muffler will reduce the sound level vs. No Muffler. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that by adding a Flowmaster muffler you would be reducing the sound level?


With straight pipes I don’t think you are going to get any louder by adding anything; unless you mean straight piped AFTER the catalytic converter.

If the converters are in place you could gut those but that raises emissions issues and IMO “aggressive” means “obnoxious”.


Don’t confuse me with logic!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is this for the V6 truck in the other thread? If so then just get 1(2 if needed) then your truck can both sound and look crappy.

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I have another word for obnoxious, but I’m refrained from using it in this forum.
A vehicle like that in my rural neighborhood…I’d be calling the police every single time they turned the key.


Or maybe quick-set mortar?


Now that’s extreme ( I like it )

Flowmaster muffler would change to tone and give it the classic sound they have it wouldn’t make it louder but would probably change to tone

Exhaust stubs that come up through the hood would be louder.


And helps to drown out the sound of your neighbors shooting at you.


Why not consider buying a pit bull or two, in addition to whatever aggressive animals you’ve already got and take them when you drive your truck. Make sure they can lunge, bark and growl out the windows, and show some teeth.

Plus, a gun rack in your rear window looks pretty tough. I’d see if I could find an old classy 10 gauge shotgun for it.

Of course, if you haven’t already done so, make sure the truck has the tallest lift kit in a three county area.

You’ll have the baddest, most aggressive truck of them all, at the expense of every other motorist or pedestrian, but hey, whatever…
:palm_tree: :sunglasses: :palm_tree:


I don’t know if you saw the OP’s other post, but his F150 has the EcoBoost V6. While the Flowmasters would indeed change the tone of his exhaust note, I doubt it they will give it a classic sound as it’s not a V8.

Yeah it wouldnt give it the classic v8 sound but it will give it the chambered flowmaster sound

I suspect those that need to make sure that all their neighbors hear their vehicle a mile away were prevented from putting playing cards in their bike spokes as a child. Still haven’t gotten past the need for everyone to look at them.

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I appreciate aggressive drivers identifying themselves with loud exhaust and jacked-up giant pickups. I consider the ‘stealth’ aggressive drivers in stock common vehicles suddenly surprising me far more dangerous! Having endured countless obnoxious people I diagnosed their ‘obnoxious personality disorder’ as OPD. The cruelest thing about OPD is those suffering from it never seem to realize they are.

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It’ll change how it sounds just won’t necessarily be louder than a straight pipe. If your running a “straight pipe” after the catalytic converter you’ll have more of a deeper louder sound without a muffler, adding the flowmaster would make it sound more classic, not as loud but still great sounding. But If your running a straight pipe from the headers with no catalytic converters right now, please, for the love of God, slap a muffler on it.

Mods like this tend to tune you right out of the drivers seat…because driving the vehicle loud just winds up driving you nuts.

Not to mention…it announces all of your comings and goings to those who live near you.

It gets out of hand quick. I’d go with something like a Flowmaster if you want a bit of rumble but not head splitting annoying noise…which is where you are headed.