Replacing and/or upgrading the muffler on a Sport-Track

I was looking to replace and/or update the muffler on my Sport-trac. Talked to a mechanic who said that the muffler on those trucks did not have much of a restriction and updating to a Flow-master would not provide much of a performance increase.

I just found some websites that demonstrated the Flow-master 40 series, and I thought that they sounded really good.

Just need to find a muffler shop in my area that I can trust to get the update on correctly ?

Thanks, Any help is appreciated.

Why are you trying to out-engineer the people that made your vehicle?

When they ran engine dyno tests, they also determined what muffler worked best with your engine.



From the explorer forum’s it seems like most are going more for the sound of them, you’ll probably only gain about 5hp but will sound like it’s gained more like 30.

I have been using Walker Dynomax Turbo mufflers on my trucks, they are inexpensive, $40 to $50 and noise is not an issue.

I replaced the noisy muffler on my 1995 Ram in 2005 and regret not replacing it earlier, the increase in mid-range torque was a benefit while towing. My next truck I replaced the factory muffler less than a year after purchase, the compromise in sound is well worth the $50.

Any after market muffler will improve performance, avoid those high priced systems, they focus on tone or noise.

I made the mistake of putting FM 40s on my car when the entire exhaust system was replaced. Sounds good outside the car, horrible drone inside.

Any muffler shop can install the mufflers you want as can any performance auto shop.

I can suggest one near me but you might not live in my area… don’t know, you didn’t say.

I will second the thought on the Flowmaster… sounds great outside the truck, drones INside the truck.

I’d rather enjoy the drive than have a couple of extra hp but noise inside. Not like a muffler will turn this into a fast truck.


I was going for the HP and the sound. Here are a couple of videos that I found that demo the FM40s: Here and Here.

Location: NW subs of Chicago


The videos of the sound mean nothing to us, only to you. A car’s sound is very personal. One persons sweet exhaust music is nothing but noise to another… you should be getting that from reading the posts…

I’d suggest wandering around a SportTrac forum to see if anybody that actually owns one has FM 40’s on their truck with the same engine (you didn’t tells us that either) and now complains about drone or too much noise in the cabin.

FWIW, I’ve swapped the stock mufflers on my Mustang to 50-state legal sport mufflers from Ford. I can tell little to no difference in the cabin, windows up, but have gotten several compliments in traffic. Plus, I like how it sounds with the windows down.

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You have to understand that these so-called high performance air filters/mufflers don’t come into play until wide-open-throttle.

That’s when restriction or Delta P is at the highest.

So the question should be, how often are you going to be driving at wide-open-throttle?


Engine: 4.0-liter V-6 (flexible)

I never drive open throttle, that’s why its still running …

Just wanted a better sound and maybe some MPG.

Keep in mind the sound you hear in those clips are from V8’s and not representative of the sound you will get out of your Sport-Trac’s V6. It’s not going to sound like 5.7L Hemi or a warmed over 408 stroker.

I have 49-state legal Ford Racing (Borla) mufflers on my Mustang GT, (IIRC they are basically rebranded Borla S-Types) along with long tube headers and an X pipe in place of the factory suitcase resonator. It’s a bit loud, and a bit too raspy for my tastes currently, so I’m considering adding some in-line resonators to calm the exhaust note down a bit. I’m still on the fence about it though. My F-150 is bone stock, and I’m not interested in making it louder, as the 3.5L Ecoboost doesn’t have a pleasing exhaust note to me to begin with.

The world does not need another horrible sounding V-6 exhaust on the road . The HP gain will so little as to not even be worth measuring. As for better miles per gallon , proper tire pressure , limit idling , short trips and use sensible driving will do more good but still not be anything to brag about.

Just put that out of your mind, not gonna happen. Lots of experience with modified exhausts, just a muffler change will do nothing.

And the V6 will never sound like a V8.

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