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Removing mufflers

I have a 2007 Mustang GT and I was wanting to know what effect it would have if I removed the mufflers and just ran straight pipe out the rear of the car

A traffic fine first of all; the engine will likley run too fast at idle since the back-pressure is gone.

Unless you are planning to race, I would stay away from this nonsense.

I, too, think that is a terrible idea. However the thing about high idle is complete nonsense. The idle is computer controlled and it will stay where it is supposed to.
I wish that the laws against louder than stock exhausts were enforced where I live.

It is also possible to wind up with burned exhaust valves as a result of removing the mufflers.

All-in-all, not a good idea.

Can you suggest a muffler that sounds better than the factory mufflers

What do you mean by “better?” If by “better” you mean quiet, I suggest the stock muffler or a reasonably priced generic muffler from a muffler shop.

I would like to have something that is a little louder than the factory exhaust but not to loud to where i get a ticket

There’s a big Mustang aftermarket out there, I bet a Mustang forum would have a number of folks with specific experience. Or you could go to a local Mustang club meeting and listen for one you like, then ask what they’re using.

I have single chamber Flowmasters my Mustang GT. They are quite a bit louder than stock.

I’ve heard about that, but I’ve never seen it actually occur in a modern car. I’ve had straight pipes on my Bronco for the past 230k miles and it hasn’t happened. Same deal with my brother’s F-150. I think it’s one of those anecdotes that may have been true in the 50’s and 60’s but never happens today.

Well, it was an old mechanic who gave me that information.
He was a very good mechanic, but that was quite a few years ago, so…

If you want something that is a bit louder, but not too much louder, you should visit a muffler shop that makes custom exhaust systems. I think you really want a resonator on your exhaust system, and the shop manager can probably recommend a variety of mufflers based on your desired sound level.

Yes, it can happen. It’s more likely to occur with shorter pipes or no pipes.
The problem occurs when a hot engine shuts off and one of the exhaust valves is “open”. That exhaust valve is quite hot. Without a muffler in place, the risk of ambient “cold” outside air traveling up the open pipe and warping the hot valve does exist.

The only difference will be the noise level. The cats act as half-@ssed mufflers. Harleys seldom have any mufflers…There is no reason for Mustangs to have them…Now, lets talk about some tattoos!

The car makes a classic Mustang sound right now. The catalytic converter does a lot of muffling by itself. The non muffler sound might end up being lousy, you never know. The sound made with any other muffler on there is surely going to be disappointing. Either way, it won’t be worth the money or the time to remove good parts.

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Can you suggest a muffler that sounds better than the factory mufflers

In m experience the original muffler is as quiet or quieter and as long lasting or longer lasting than any replacements.

Depends one where you live. Around here about 60% of pickup trucks run straight pipes. I personally know five people who bought brand new trucks, and went straight to an exhaust shop before they drove their trucks home, and had straight pipes put on right after the cats. Three of those people were cops. Fortunately our police officers tend to concern themselves with things more important to public saftey than loud exhaust systems

Don’t waste your money on an aftermarket exhaust. It just makes it more expensive to repair down the road. Also, you’ll be creating a cop magnet.

I’m glad I don’t live in your town. The cops around here for the most part aren’t above the law.

And loud vehicles aren’t a public safety issue. They’re a quality of life issue. Both are important to a neighborhood