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2003 ford ranger xlt cheap muffler help me

I was wanting to know what would be a cheap good muffler to put on my truck without the cops messing with me know people.

Go to your local muffler shop (not Midas or a chain store), and ask them for a cheap, good muffler. Problem solved. Good luck.

I was talking like a flowmaster or glass packs or what becausr its tricked out besides the muffler somthing nice and cheap.

Uh Huh…you want to get a muffler that’ll make your truck sound like a muscle machine and will look cool but not so as the cops will notice. Got it. Have you considered Google?

Actually, you’ll be disappointed if you go with a “performance” muffler on a Ranger, It’s not going sound particularly pleasant, you won’t get that deep low V8 rumble.

The cops probably won’t care though, were I live a good 40% of full sized trucks, even brand new ones sport straight pipes. Nobody cares, the cops have more pressing matters to attend to. I had straight pipes on my old 5.8L Bronco, the exhaust system consisted of a pair of shorty headers, and 2.5 inch pipes that culminated with a pair of four inch tips. It was pretty loud, the cops approved though, I had one cop follow me into a parking lot once, he just wanted to know where I had the exhaust done, because he thought it sounded great and wanted to get a similar sound out of his F-250.

I dunno, just do me a favor and get something quiet. Its really irritating to have pick ups and buzz boxes making a lot of noise at traffic lights. No one of any maturity thinks its cool anymore.

Lol i live in oklahoma and cops here can be difficult. Would a flowmaster be good?

… and people wonder why they suffer hearing loss by the time they are 55 …

+1 Bing

You can get a Dynomax super turbo muffler from Summit Racing for $42.
It is a full size low restriction muffler, quiet with normal driving, audible at full throttle. I have used them on two trucks, no irritating drone at highway speeds. Dynomax is made by Walker Exhaust.

Thrush also makes a dual chamber muffler very similar to Flowmaster for half the price, referred to as their “welded” mufflers. I had one on a Chevy half ton with a fuel injected 350 and it sounded great. Unfortunately for you, there was never an engine installed in the Ranger that will sound great with exhaust modifications. If you just want it loud and don’t care what it sounds like as long as it’s loud, go for it. You can’t get much louder than a Thrush welded or Flowmaster muffler.