Truck issue

Hello all long time listener first time blogger . I have what appears to be a odd truck issue. I drive a 2006 Nissan Titan truck. And the problem appears to be when I let my truck sit for a day to a few days . I get in the truck And start it up and put it in drive gear and step on the gas my truck locks after only going about a few feet. I do not have the e brake on. I have to put the truck in reverse and then back into drive and the problem goes away. As far as I can tell the transmission is good twitch transmission fluid and the truck shifts gears fine when under way on the road. truck just turned over to 54,000 miles. And I am completely stumped by this issue. I am afraid that this could be a more of expensive fix then what I am willing to pay for and I am pondering if I should get rid of the truck. I understand I need to let someone look at the truck I just don’t know if anyone else has heard of this problem. Thanks for reading Pat from N.Y.

May be the brakes, proper diagnosis for the proper cure. ew one to me, but probably not the kiss of death. Get an estimate, free at many shops.

I have thought about the brakes maybe causing the issue . I just had front and rear done (pads and rotors ) about a month ago along with front sealed wheel bearings done at the same time from a local service center. And not to long after that I have noticed the problem . With not having a great experience with the service center I am afraid to go back there and have them look at my truck. I am so worried that this could be a huge problem with my truck.


Many shops warranty parts and labor for one year

If I were you, I’d go back to them, explain the situation, remind them that this happened soon after they worked on the brakes and wheel bearings, and politely ask them to recheck their work.

If they made a mistake, or the parts were defective, you shouldn’t pay a dime.

I have thought about bringing my truck back to the last place I had it serviced. However I am wondering if it may be a dealership would have better luck with it. I am searching the web on differ t forms for any one that may have had a similar type of problem.just looking for some guidance .

Are the rear brakes drums? If so, I bet the problem is that the automatic spacer in the shoe assembly is improperly installed or failing. Brake shops too often ignore this because they are pretty bulletproof. But if it’s installed wrong or broken it could cause what you are describing, especially after it sat for a few days and rust has covered the inside of the drum. (Do you live in a humid area?)

Not sure if he truck has brake drums in the rear . However I can tell you I live in a very humid area in the northeast N.Y. I would imagine that the truck would have brake drums do to the age and model of the truck. I keep researching this problem with my truck and and I am finding nothing getting stressed about this issue!