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Van Backs Up Then Locks Up

Hi there,

I have a 2000 Pontiac Montana mini van and when I back it out of the driveway, it goes in reverse, then suddenly locks up! Is this a transmission problem? I had new brakes put on last month, the ceramic ones, and they sure are noisy whenever I come to a stop. Like an old, creaky noise, not that typical screech noise…

Thanks in advance,


need more info, Is it still at the end of driveway?
Did you put it in drive and it was ok?

Yes, it will drive forward, it happens when I back up, it will back up for a few feet then it just ‘locks’ up. Thanks, Liz

Its an automatic, v6, new brakes, um, any other info I could supply?
Thanks in advance.

I’m guessing that some parts in the parking brake “mini” drums in the back wheels have come loose and are causing the lock up. Take it back to the place that did the brake job, especially if they worked on the back brakes.

They did work on the back brakes, I sure will…thanks for that!