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2014 Toyota Tacoma wouldn’t shift

I have a 2014 Tacoma with 62k miles. My Tacoma was parked for a couple of days before I decided to go visit my sister. When I placed the truck into Drive, truck did not want move forward, it felt like it engaged 1st gear but did not want to move forward. I placed it in park and back to Drive, to no avail. I put it in reverse, it wouldn’t even reverse. Placed it back into park and back into Drive, gave it a little gas, did not want to move forward, felt like the emergency brakes was engaged, but was not. Turned the Tacoma off, started it up again and placed it in drive and finally I was able to drive the Tacoma. I am thinking of flushing out the trans fluid, may it will correct the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A transmission flush might buy you some time but I suspect it’s on its way out if it’s not completely dead. Have it towed to a good independent transmission shop and hope for the best.

Sounds like the brake pads rusted to the rotors, was it damp when the truck was parked?


Certainly preferable to a bum transmission. :+1:

When trying to move the truck did the engine rev up without straining or did it bog down? Obviously by asking this question I’m trying to figure out if the transmission was applying torque to the wheels. For many reasons hope for stuck brakes. You don’t say where you are. Driving in the wet followed by freezing temps could stick the shoes to the rear drums or seize the parking brake cable.

Did the truck move with a distinct “pop”? If it did, that was the brakes breaking free. Normal after a long sit for some cars snd trucks.

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