2006 nissan titan transmission problems!

I have a 2006 Titan, 5.6 V-8, 2WD with 65,000 miles. Today I try backing out of my drive way, but when I put the truck in reverse nothing happen, good thing my drive way is on a slope so I put the tranny in neutral and push the truck into the street, when I put my truck in drive it would barely move forward. I don’t remember what the RPM’s were when it was crawling forward, but it was pretty high. I drove it around the block and decided to parked the truck on the street. Everything was running fine yesturday. The transmission fluid level is fine. Another thing I notice is that when the engine is running and tranny in park there’s noise (like the noise a turbo makes) coming from under the tranny area. When I put the tranny in drive or reverse the noise goes away, you can only hear it in park. I just had a complete tranny oil flush done on my truck about 3 months ago. What do you think is wrong with my truck?

I would guess that the flush three months ago stirred up debris.

thanks for the reply, do you think i need a new transmission or just get another flush???