Trouble Starting at the Gas Station

My daughter was driving our 2000 Voyager home from school the other day when, having stopped to gas it up, she attempted to start the car and nothing happened- not even a crank. Then after a call to me and several more minutes of waiting she tried again and it started right up.

The car was fully gassed and the temperature was normal. I don’t think it was flooded. It had been a long distance trip of about three hours.

Any ideas. Charlie

If the engine wouldn’t crank, then no power is getting from the battery to the starter. It could be something as simple as the terminals at the battery need to be cleaned. If this happens again, see if the headlights will light or the horn will honk. The switch that only lets the car start if it is in park or neutral could be defective. If it happens again, shfit the car from park to neutral and try to start the car. Another possibility might be that the starter solenoid won’t pass the current when the car is hot, but works fine after it cools down.

I would certainly start by getting the battery terminal clamps cleaned.

Thanks for the info. I’m leaning towards an electrical system problem also but the fact that it starts after a short while makes me wonder if it’s a vacuum line problem. Charlie

Vacuum line (or, hose)??! Doubtful.
Get more details of what DID happen, as well as, what DIDN’T happen when she turned the key to START. An, “Absolutely nothing!”, would still be a valuable clue; but, if something did happen, we need to know that, also.

I also doubt vacuum line problem. When the car is not running, there is no vacuum, except being held by check valves, like the brake booster and/or vent motors. A lack of vacuum, or leak, would not prevent the starter from working.