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2011 Dodge Caravan won’t start after brief stops

My 2011 Dodge Caravan will occasionally not start after being driven and then stopped for a gas fill up, running an errand, etc. Have had it checked by a mechanic but nothing shows up. Any solutions?

The no-start problem might be caused by vapor lock.

Have a mechanic check the residual fuel pressure.


Does it turn over but fail to start and run? Or does it not even turn over (i.e. starter motor does not work)?

It doesn’t turn over - not even a click. After setting for about 20 minutes or so it will start up.

That’s called a “no-crank” in mechanics parlance. Wouldn’t have anything to do w/the fuel system usually. Sometimes the starter motor will heat up during driving, then not work until it cools off, so that’s one possibility. On some vehicles there’s a heat shield to prevent this, but those shields can fall off. For no-cranks, usually the first step is to test the battery for full charge and its internal condition (load- or conductance- test), and clean the battery posts and terminals. If you can get it into this condition, your shop measuring the voltage at the two starter terminals usually provides a good clue what’s wrong. they should both measure 10.5 volts or higher when the key is in “start”.