2007 Chevrolet Equinox - Is it the starter?

After running nicely, it would not start , after a stop even though battery is ok. After trying for some time it finely engaged and ran. It has 99000 miles. Could it be starter?

That can mean two things.

You turn the key and nothing happens, or you turn the key, the engine cranks over but doesn’t fire up.

Which is it?



Your vehicle is old enough to where the starter solenoid contacts could be worn out. If you hear a loud click when this problem occurs you are most likely hearing the solenoid trying to work but the worn out contacts don’t allow power to get to the starter motor. It is also a good idea to clean the battery connections when this kind of thing happens. Sometimes the fix is that simple.

@Tester asked a couple very telling questions and we need those answers in order to direct you more accurately.

If nothing at all happens upon key turn… I would be looking at the starter relay in the fuse panel. There are usually identical ones in the fuse panel as well say for the horn or rear defrost or what have you… if you see identical relays… swap one in for the starter relay. Be sure to mark the relays so you remember where their original home position was. If this improves the condition…you had a failing relay (the contacts inside get burned or eroded over time) eventho the relay responds by clicking…it may not be able to make the connection due to those internal contacts etc…

See what happens… Then again… wait until you answer us those questions asked by Mr Tester… Before a relay swap…as it may not be needed, its just a common culprit in some of these instances.

Thanks . The engine cranks but did not fire up. The battery is in good shape.

Then there’s nothing wrong with the starter.

What might happening is vapor lock.

Vapor lock occurs when the hot engine is shut off and the fuel boils in the fuel rails.

Then if you wait long enough, the engine cools down, the fuel stops boiling and the engine starts.

To confirm this, carry a bottle of water in the vehicle.

The next time the engine doesn’t start, open the hood and pour the water over the fuel rails.

If the engine starts, that’s vapor lock.


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