Trouble putting gas in the truck

And not because the price is creeping back up.

This has been going on awhile and it use to only happen when it was cold (around freezing).

Whenever I try to put gas in my 2003 Ford Explorer Sporttrac, it acts like the tank is full (gas nozzle clicks off and gas backwash comes out.)

It literally takes 10 minutes to put $10.00 in the tank.

Doesn’t matter what gas station I’m at either.

Any ideas?

Enter “gas fill” in the search window of this forum…Yours is a common problem.

Usually this is a vent problem. You can cause it yourself by topping off the tank every time you fill the tank. It can also be a problem with the vapor vent system.

It is also possible that the station you are using just does not get along with your car. You might try a different station.

BTW if you have a CEL (Check Engine Light) on, that is likely related.

Good Luck