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Gas frustration

My 2004 Pontiac Vibe will not let me put gas in the tank at more than a trickle. It is cold outside and this is a pain. I have had it in the shop twice and the repairmen don’t know why it’s going on. Anyone else have this problem with the Vibe or anything else? Help, freezing at the pump.

Before you had this problem did you, or someone have a habit of topping off the tank? If so … that is likely the cause of the problem. You will find a note about not topping off the tank in your owner’s manual and likely a sticker somewhere on the car as well.

Assuming you have tried another service station, then you may have a clogged vent/vapor recovery system, or there may be a anti-backup valve nearly stuck closed etc. It is a common problem, with several possible causes. They need to be checked out.

I would guess you need a new mechanic. Unless it is under warranty I would suggest finding a better independent mechanic.

I had this problem before, and think it may have something to do with the vapor recovery system at some pumps. I found a fix that helps sometimes. Don’t put the nozzle all the way in, but pull it out an inch or two, and see if that helps.

This type of problem is with the gas tank, itself. Sometimes, it’s an anti-spill valve stuck nearly closed. Other times, it’s the filler pipe assembly. The filler pipe is not just one pipe; but, also, has a vent tube. If something gets pinched, or blocked, or shifts out of position, filling the tank can become difficult. See a good mechanic.

Hellokit is correct. It’s usually a stuck anti-spill check valve (a cork ball in a cage) located near the fuel tank in the fill tube that is stuck. Sometimes running a flexible object, like a fiberglass flag whip, down the fuel filler tube will dislodge the stuck valve…