Trouble filling up gas tank

My Daughter has a Chevy Blazer and is having trouble putting gan in the tank. The gas clicks off like the tank is full. You have to barely put the gas in slowly to get any in the tank

What year?

Also, what state?

year 1999 state Kentucky

Enter the words “slow fill” or “can’t fill” in the search feature of this board…

Is she in the habit of topping off the tank after the first time the nozzle clicks off? Chances are go she has damaged the fuel vent system. Look around and you may find a sticker on the car or in the owner’s manual warning the driver about topping off the tank. However there are a number of possible problems.

Bad vent on the gas tank.

Some OPs have feed back information that spiders like to make homes in the outlet of the vent tube. When they plug up the air flow out of the canister, pressure builds up in the tank; the fuel comes up the filler tube; and the pump nozzle clicks off. This keeps happening each time you cycle the nozzle. So look around on the vapor recovery canister for a open tube hanging down and see it that is plugged.

Of course, no one would fill a gas tank while the engine is running, would they?. If they were to try, the gas tank vent valve will close and fuel will not flow in.
If the check engine light is on, it may be on because their has been a problem found with the EVAP System. Have THAT (trouble codes) checked out at an auto parts store (for free), and bring those codes here for discussing.