Trouble pumping gas after replacing fuel sending unit

The engine service light had come on and the gas gauge was not working on my 2005 Nissan Xterra. We got the code from a diagnostic test and my brother in law replaced the fuel level sending unit. Replacing the part seemed to fix the gas gauge problem and remove the engine light, but now I have a hard time pumping gas. I guess the tank thinks it’s full and clicks off the pump several times while trying to fill up. I cannot seem to completely fill my tank and it takes about 20 minutes to do so. BIL said it might be a bent hose? Any suggestions on something we might be able to check out before taking it to a mechanic? I’m hoping it’s just an easy fix so we don’t have to drop the tank again to fix the problem.

There is a small fill tube inside the larger fill tube. That inner tube was likely allowed to drop down. You will need to drop the tank and relocate the tube.

Your vehicle has Onboard Refill Vapor Recovery which sends the vapor in the tank to the vapor recovery canister. If the tank cannot vent the incoming fuel rises up into the fill pipe clicking the pump handle ‘off’. The hose for the ORVR is attached to the fuel pump/fuel gauge sender unit. It is possible that hose was kinked or pinched when the tank was reinstalled after the fuel sender change.

It is also possible that the vapor recovery cut valve is stuck closed which would also cause the problem you have. This is probably in the same unit you had out.

It is also possible that the vapor recovery canister is saturated with liquid fuel because the vapor rocovery cut valve failed to close on one of the refills.

Hope this helps.