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Filling the gas tank

keeps shutting off the overflow device on the gas pump, one day it filled just fine the next I can barly fill the tank except at extremely slow flow rates. I have confirmed there is no blockage.

Do you top off the tank after the pump shuts off the first time?

no I never even get that far before the pump shuts off, I am still at near empty while this is going on and have to manually hold the trigger on the pump at way less than 1/8th speed and even then it continually clicks off. I have tryed different gas stations,same result.

Yes, but you said “one day it filled just fine.” When it was filling just fine, did you top the tank off after the pump shut off?

ah yes that day…no I did not top off the tank nor did I ever…

If your vehicle is a 2000 or newer, it has an Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery system. This system forces the gasoline vapors thru the carbon canister prior to allowing the gas tank to vent to the atmosphere when filling the gas tank. If there’s a restriction in this system the gas tank can’t vent properly when filling the tank. This then makes the gas tank difficult to fill because the gas pump keeps shutting off.

Take the vehicle to a shop and ask that they inspect ORVR system for any restrictions.


Try twisting the nozzle a little side to side, there may be a bend in the line that causes a slow spot, if you get a little sideways, it may get by.

Have you also confirmed that there is not a fix for this problem provided by the manufacture?