Transponder keys

I just bought a used Mazda pickup. I only received one key. They tell me that a new transponder key is $65… and i can only get it at the dealer. Can i disable the transponder. No one wants to steal this truck. Don

Depends on how new the vehicle is. If you have a locksmith(not a quicky place like Lowe’s or a mall shop) close by, call them up and ask them if they can do it, or if you really do need to go to the dealership.

I am a locksmith. I cannot make a key for this vehicle for less than 65.00. Go for it. I am not aware of any way to bypass the system. The COST of the key blank for this car is at least 40.00. Then I have money invested in the equipment to retreive the code from the vehicle in order to program the key. If a locksmith is not real informed on how to program the key it they can spend over an hour attempting the procedure. I say get the key for 65. You must have the original key present when programming or it will be erased and not work after a new is programmed. It is a funny system. It is the most accentric programing process of all the transponders. I do not understand why they make it so difficult to acheive but it cost to get it done. I have no better info. I always attempt to offer the best price and you found it for 65.

You can get a copy of the key on a regular blank that will only open the doors but will not communicate with the vehicles anti theft to crank the car. It only cost a couple of bucks. However, if you lose the key you currently have, depending on the region of USA you live in, it can cost over two hundred to get another key originated. This does not include towing if needed. The manufacturer has got you. Ant reader of this post can make it part of the closing purchase and insist the seller provide another key before closing the deal. SOOO many people get stuck this way. I always attempt to inform my customers of potential costs that they are unaware of. I recommend the second key at 65.

difficult = Security. Time is a thief’s worst enemy.

The site offers transponder keys for various Mazda models. I don’t know if your pickup is included or not. I bought keys from that site for my 2002 Ford Taurus, got them cut locally, and everything worked fine.

All the Mazda transponder keys on that site sell for $18.99. The instructions for the Mazdas say you need TWO working keys to program a 3rd key (similar to the Fords and other car makes).

Given you have only one working key, I don’t know what tools or labor are needed to get a new key properly programmed for your pickup. I have talked to locksmiths who say they have the equipment and can do it for less than the dealer charges when you have one or no working keys. Maybe Irakus can comment (or correct errors or omissions on my part).

Thanks guys. Looks like I will go to the dealer, Don