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2000 mustang transponder issue

I have a 2000 Ford mustang 3.8 l v6 I have the key but the broke and my fiance lost the transponder chip is there anyway to bypass this and start my car will it start if I have the key fob in the car I mean is there a transponder chip in the key fob please help

Not cheaply or easily.
Your best option is a mobile locksmith that can come to you and cut and program your car to the new key, or have car towed to dealer.

It’s not the key that needs programmed, it’s your car that needs the new keys code added to it’s computer.

My local lock and key shop quoted $75 to cut and register a key for my 2000 Dodge in their parking lot, a house call would be a bit more.

IIRC the transponder is in the head of the key for Ford PATS. How did you manage to break that?

Was arguing with my fiance and I slammed the keys on the hood of the car took me a few hours but I managed to find the chip and taped the key up and it was fine for a long time. I got locked up and went to prison for a bit and she started driving her dad’s monte Carlo so pretty much she said screw my Stang and I guess one day when she was at work she dropped her keys and the chip fell out and got lost