Transmissions problem


I have a 1997 Mercury Mystique. The “check engine” sign came on. I went to a mechanic shop. He told me that there is a “transmission range sensor” problem. The code is P0708.

Symptom: When I accelerate, there is a lag in speed; after a few seconds, it will get to its speed. It does not happen always.

Which test needs to be done to find out if it is the transmission problem of if it is the sensor problem?


Sounds to me as though you have found an honest transmission shop. They could have told you it needed a complete overhaul.



I went to two mechanic shops. Both of them told me trasmission range sensor(TRS) needs to be replaced. The mechanic who did the test drive suggested another test(like pressure test???) is needed to find out whether I need a complete overhaul or just TRS. My concern is that if TRS is replaced, and the problem didn’t go away, I will be wasting money.


But you are not wasting money if the range sensor is bad and you are planning to fix the vehicle. I agree with checking the trans out completely but YOU drive it yourself after changing the range sensor to see if it had any effect on it.

Good luck and let us know what happens.