Transmission Range Sensor


My dealer has failed to properly adjust the transmission sensor on my Mazda Protege 5. As a consequence it is driving louder, heavier and consuming more gas. Is this possible or am I just imagining things? It shifts properly but it’s just weird. It has acted that way after the fourth and final time they fixed it. Oh, and it whistles when the RPM’s get high until it shifts into the next gear. Anybody know anything about the trans. range sensor. I can’t find any info on-line. thanks.

“It shifts properly…”

Then the problem isn’t the TRS. Bring it back and have them give a listen to the whistle. It might just be a loose vacuum line causing all of your problems.

Thanks. Do you know what happens when the sensor is mal or badly adjusted? They seemed to have a really hard time getting the right adjustment for the car.

They should be able to put it on a scanner and read the position of the switch. The range sensor tells the computer what position the gear shift lever is in so the computer can command the transmission.