1998 Honda Civic Sdn Code

I have a check engine light on with code P0705 transmission range sensor circuit malfunction,what can be the easy way to fix this?

Replace the transmission range sensor.


That goes underneath the automatic gear shift?


And it looks like this.



What’s the name of the part And how much is it if you know?

Click on Tester’s link and it will give the part name and price.

How bad is it to drive without getting this thing fixed right away? Is it bad to drive your car like that

The transmission range sensor informs the computer what gear is selected. It also turns on the back-up lights when you shift into reverse, and it prevents the starter from operating unless the transmission is in park or neutral.

So, if the back-up lights work, and the starter works when in P or N, it may effect the transmission operation.


Yeah im not really understanding because i always start my car in park,will it affect driving? ,ik i was driving it the other day and it was making these loud poping sound,but is it safe to drive the car?