After parking overnight and successfully backing out of the garage w/o any delay or problems, it takes up to 10 min for the the transmission to engage into Drive, 1, or 2; time of year doesn’t matter. However, if the OD indicator is flashing after starting and backing, then the car will go forward after shifting to Drive, 1, or 2; however, if the ignition is shut off then restarted to stop the flashing OD indicator, then the same problem occurs. Can’t do that unless the OD indicator is flashing. The delay also occurs when the car is parked for more than two hours, except it doesn’t take 10 min, maybe one to three min to engage in Drive. Car is a 1999 with 1.8L engine. What are some possible problems with solution(s). Thanks.

I assume that you have already checked the transmission fluid’s level, color and odor and have found them to be normal. Is that the case?

In any event, are you aware that a flashing OD indicator means that the transmission has an internal fault, likely one in the electronic controller? Your Owner’s Manual likely makes mention of this.

Continuing to drive the car in this condition usually increases the repair bill as electronic problems morph into much more expensive mechanical problems. Truthfully, if you have been driving the car like this for more than a few days, the damage may already have been done internally.

All I can suggest is that you take the car to an independent transmission specialist (NOT to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or any other chain operation) for examination. Just be prepared for a potentially expensive repair bill if–as I suspect–the trans needs an overhaul at this point.


How many miles on this car?
What is the maintenance history on this transmission?