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1995 Ford Explorer

The OD OFF light starts flashing by itself and I can’t get it to go out. Everytime it does this, the car is sluggish, won’t pull very good at stop signs and kicks hard when down shifts. Thought it was weather related but it doesn’t matter what the temp. is. Eventually it will go out by itself and everything is fine.

STOP. Open your owners manual. Look up the page on the transmission. Learn about the warning lights.

If no info is there, look up ‘troubleshooting’ section. A FLASHING light is trying to tell you something. figure it out before you lunch your transmission.

I agree with cappy208. You need to do something about this problem. It will not get better by itself. Stop fooling around and call your mechanic.

You do have a mechanic, don’t you?

Could be anything from low octane fuel not made to run with that transmission’s clutch plate and band friction material to simply curdled cream in the planetary’s coffee. I’d recommend a 60k service, a nice lunch and maybe a carpet shampoo…sometimes those trannies like that. But don’t, whatever you do, push the O/D switch while its blinking—you could destroy the paging memory in the processor and end up with gears you never had before. Good luck.

Could be a sticking solenoid in your valve body; might not be as bad as you think, might not require trans drop.