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'05 Ford Focus sedan - O/D Off light flashing

Hello all! Just today, my '05 Ford Focus began flashing in orange it’s O/D Off light. It seems to only happen when I am going over 40mph between 1800 and 2000 rpms. The light flashes for no specific amount of time and doesn’t come on at specific intervals. I have also noticed that the car is shifting (it’s an automatic) in this RPM range as well. I am worried because I just moved to a new area and am unfamiliar with the automotive services in this area. I also have no idea if this is a serious problem or if it can wait a few days… Another interesting thing that has happened along with this problem is that prior to this, my oil light had been coming on periodically. When I had that checked out they told me it was the oil pressure sensor. However, now that light hasn’t gone on and I haven’t had that replaced. Am I looking at a lot of trouble ahead with this car?

Check your transmission fluid level using the instructions in your owner’s manual first. If it’s ok then you may want to have the transmission checked by an independent mechanic. Hopefully …transman will see your post and give you some more guidance on the problem.

The OD Off light flashing means the transmission control module has detected a fault. Your transmission is electronically controlled, and an electronic fault can fry the transmission quickly. Any transmission shop can pull the codes to find out what the fault is and how dangerous. With a couple thousand dollars on the line, I’d get the codes pulled, then figure it out.

How many miles on this car? Until you get it checked out, I would push the button to lock the overdrive out, the green light should stay on with no flashing…

Out of your 2 problems, I would first concentrate on the oil pressure warning light. Has your mechanic hooked up an oil pressure gauge and confirmed that the oil pressure is indeed fine? Maybe it just needs an oil pressure sensor, but I’d want to be sure.

Hoping to bump this with more info… Brought it to a transmission place and was told that there was nothing seriously wrong and that “it’s nothing to worry about”. The man test drove it for 20 minutes and pulled one code - 0713. He stated it was electrical and that he would not be able to do anything about it until late next week, when he has more time to investigate the problem, since he’s only seen it once before. I’m feeling very lost and somewhat jerked around. Bringing it to a dealership sometime this week since there is definitely SOMETHING going on…

@najicta Check out page 95. Your code means there is an an open or a short in the transmission fluid temperature sensor circuit.