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its my 03 chevy with only 57000 miles and my transmission is not shifting into 3rd right away. going from 2nd to 3rd only the transmission will rev for like a second or two then finally shift what could be wrong?

Start by checking the level of the transmission fluid. Then check the owner’s manual to see if it’s time for a fluid change.

Certainly start by checking the transmission fluid. Make sure it is at the right level and looks clear and does not smell burned. See your owner’s manual to see how to check it. If It is beyond 57,000 miles it is time to replace it. However if it is not low I would have a good local transmission shop take a look at the shifting problem, because I don’t expect a fluid change to fix it unless it was low or smelled bad and you are lucky.

Note: A good local transmission shop seldom is named AM??

Why are you starting a second thread on the same subject?? Refer to your first thread for the same answer.


When I read the question at the beginning of the thread, my thought were that either the OP is trying to reinvent the wheel by asking the same question twice, or that two people had the same situation with the same type of vehicle. Thank you for clarifying the matter, Transman!