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Transmission problems

i have a 2003 chevy silverado with a 6 in suspension lift with only 57 thousand miles. everytime i go down the road and it is shifting into 3rd it revs high then it kicks into third. Could a trany flush fix it or is my transmission going out?

Trany flushes don’t fix anyhting!! They are basically a good profit enhancer for shops such as tires, mufflers, etc.

You need to go to a proper transmission service shop which will analyze what’s wrong first and then give you an accurate estmate of repairs needed.

Transmissions should have their fluid and filter changed abut every 50,000 miles and any adjustments made.

Your problem could be the controls that make the transmission shift or something more serious inside the unit itself.

Good luck!

The 3-4 clutches are shot. Its a weak point in these transmissions. Whenever I rebuild one of these transmissions I always upgrade the 3-4 stackup. If you baby it on the 2-3 shift, does it make any difference or does it still have some slippage??


ya it still does but not that much. it does it normaly when its cold does that make a difference?