Transmission or?

I have a 2007 Chevy Equinox with 104,500 mi.
For the past 20,000 miles (2-1/2 yrs.) or so the transmission hesitates when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear.
When this happens, the engine revs and the wheels lose power for a second or two, and then the shift completes.
It happens anywhere from once or twice a week, to once a month.
It never produces a “Check Engine Light” nor a “Code” when scoped the same day.
It is more of a nuisance, although doing it while pulling into traffic could cause a nasty safety issue.
I have had it checked by independent mechanics and a local Chevy Dealership and nobody has an answer.
Anyone have the same problem ? And a solution ?

Has the fluid and filter been changed?

That is what trannys start to do when they begin to wear out. The question regarding the fluid was also one of the first things that came to my mind as well.

I would address the transmission fluid ASAP if you plan to continue to use this vehicle…at the very least


As posted above, automatic transmission have clutches, and those clutches wear out w/use. And when they do, this symptom is the result. The other possibility is there’s not enough pressure building up to hold the clutches where they should go. That can be caused b/c there’s not enough transmission fluid, or the fluid has debris in it. Or that the valve body needs to be rebuilt.

There’s a slight possibility of a problem with a solenoid. That would be easy for a mechanic to check. Worth checking as that’s an inexpensive fix.

“Has the fluid and filter been changed?”

…or has it even been checked? Low fluid can cause this problem.

Gummed up internals can cause a shift delay. We ALL recommend a fluid and filter change. Do it, quickly. It is far cheaper than a new transmission and I am amazed the mechanics and the dealer didn’t suggest it. It doesn’t guarantee a fix, which may be why they didn’t suggest it. Do it anyway.