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Transmission stuck in park

We have a 2007 sebring 4 cyl with 42000 miles. We parked it in the garage last night and when we started it today it would not go out of park… Everything looks fine on the linkage and fluid…Whats wrong

The problem could be with the shift interlock switch which won’t allow you to shift out of park if the brake isn’t depressed. There is often a mechanical override that you can use - check the owner’s manual. If you find that, then drive it to your mechanic for a looksee. Sometime the shift interlock is out of whack b/c your brake light switch is out of whack. So the whole thing ought to be checked over.

Check your owner’s manual. There might be an emergency override for this situation.

There could be a problem with the brake light switch (check the brake lights) or something else in the brake / transmission interlock circuit.

The brake light switch (misadjusted or faulty) is often the culprit.