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Can't Shift Out of Park

I have a 2007 Honda Civic with an automatic transmission that started acting up tonight. I am having difficulty getting it to shift out of park. Once I finally get it out of park, it shifts to everything else fine. It’s not because the wheel is locked (checked that already). What could be the problem and how cheap can I get it fixed? I just got socked nearly $800 for an alternator and battery when I broke down in Indianapolis during my vacation and was lead to believe, by the garage that repaired it, that my serpentine belt was going to go at any time. I had to get back to Pennsylvania and I barely had enough money to pay for the alternator and battery as it was. I think the garage was trying to take advantage of a woman stranded out of state. In any event, it’s the only car my family has, it has 177,777 miles on it (roughly) and we can’t afford to trade it in for another vehicle. We have to keep it running. (BTW, I got the car back to Pennsylvania and the local Honda dealer said my serpentine belt was just fine.) Any ideas?

wild shot…look at this…

Actually that’s a pretty good video. Most of the Honda products have got a little access somewhere around the console to insert a key to bypass the interlock. . A little oval shaped window to insert the key. Should be mentioned in the owner’s manual but yeah, check the fuses.

I have also seen the brake interlock cause this issue on various cars. If the brake light switch is bad or miss adjusted, the interlock won’t allow the shifter to come out of PARK. At the same time, the brake lights will not work.