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Sebring shifting out of park

I have been driving a 2004 Chrysler Sebring for a few months and noticed that it didn’t always stay in gear. I then learned of a problem with another Chrysler model in which there is a “false park” between park and reverse where it seems like the car is in park but it really isn’t, and the car will pop into reverse and move. I am not sure if I have the same defect or if there is something else wrong with my car. Sometimes the shifter will move out of park, or even out of drive, with the slightest of nudges of the shifter. There is a button on the shifter that is supposed to be depressed in order to shift, but sometimes it can be moved from park to any other gear, not just reverse, without depressing it or having a foot on the brake. I also found that it would move from drive to neutral while the car was in motion. Any ideas about what’s wrong? Anyone have a similar problem?

Have someone check the large nut on the shift lever on the transmission where the shift cable attaches to see if the nut is loose.

We had a poster a few months back complaining about not staying in park, and it turned out that nut was loose.


the old loose nut on the operator lever eh?

Thanks, Tester. It would be great if it was that simple! I hope you’re right.