Transmission slipping/ Check engine light 01 Accord



My transmission recently started slipping when my car is cold. I took it to the dealer, who said the fluid was low and topped it off for $80.

The transmission continues to slip when cold, and the dealer has suggested replacing it. The only thing is this is the 3rd transmission i’ve had in the car (with only 95k miles). The first two were replaced by honda at 9k and 34k miles (both replaced for slipping/hard shifting).

I took it to my regular mechanic today because the check engine light came on last week. The check engine code has to do with the transmission fluid being low, but when he checked the fluid it was over filled by at least one qt. He drained off the excess fluid, but suggested that replacing the fluid could cause the transmission to fail more rapidly. The check engine light remains on.

Any suggestions? Is this 3rd tranny done for?


There is no powertrain code that can simply be chalked up to low fluid. I also have to wonder about how people are checking this fluid - first its low, and then overfilled by a quart?

Anyway, if you can get the actual code that the mechanic pulled from the transmission - the format is Pxxxx (x’s are numbers) - yours will likely be in the P0700-P0800 range. Get it and post it.

Your best bet though is to take it neither to the dealer nor to your regular mechanic but to a local, independent shop that specializes in transmissions. Have them drive it and scan it for codes and report back (exact codes - not someone’s interpretation of what it means). Unfortunately though, if it is slipping there is usually nothing much to be done aside from rebuild or replacement.

BTW: the '01 Accords are well known for having had transmission problems.