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Is my transmission going out or is my car just cold and crabby?

Hello! I’m hoping someone has some words of wisdom for an amateur car owner.

Last November, my husband and I bought a Honda Accord. We are avid bikers but wanted to get a winter beater for those really cold Minnesota days! The car has around 215,000 miles on it. It was running great until a couple weeks ago. Now when we accelerate the car slips when its changing gears. I no nothing about cars but I do have intuition, which is telling me that something is not right. One friend of mine has said its acting up because of the cold, another friend said it could be the filters and a third friend is certain that its the transmission giving out. Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I am planning on taking it out of town in the next couple weeks and want to know if I should deal with the possible problem first. Thanks!!

By slipping do you mean that then engine revs but that it doesn’t translate into more speed/power? If so, that is a slipping transmission and it does basically mean that it is on its way out. It is also the case that the cold can play a role in making it worse, but that doesn’t change the basic story.

At 215K if you don’t plan to have the transmission rebuilt or get another one you could try some additives that are meant to deal with the problem. This won’t fix anything but you may be able to squeeze a few more miles out than you would otherwise. But if you want to fix it and keep the car longer skip those kinds of things and have it fixed right.

Automatic or manual? What year Accord?

Post the year would be helpful. Some Accord’s despite their pristine reputation are known to have transmission problems.

If it is a cold problem it would only exhibit itself while the transmission/engine are cold. Once warmed up it would go away.

Start by checking the transmission fluid.

What happens when the trans warms up?? Does it still slip or does it shift normally??