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Too cold to go

My car is a 1999 Honda Accord EX V6. Usually I just hop in my car and after a minute or so of a warm up, take off. This last winter though, this peculiar condition started. If I don’t let the car warm up for a good 10-15 minutes in weather below 60 degrees, the transmission will slip terribly. Other than that, the car is great. Spring and summer has passed and last week with our first cool front here in San Antonio, TX, this condition has risen again. Any ideas as to what in the world is happening? Thanks - - SE

When was the last time you had your transmission fluid changed along with the filter cleaned?

Please check the transmission fluid. Has the transmission ever been serviced?

No car should be “warmed up” for more than one minute, even in the coldest weather – 60 degrees is not cold. Plus, you are polluting the atmosphere with a 10+ minute “warm up.” Get your transmission serviced.


You can have your transmission serviced but it is unlikely to help. There’s a good chance that you’re having issues with internal seals. When cold they are harder & slightly shrunken. When they get warm they get back to being able to seal up. So the most likely thing is that the transmission will need to be opened up.

It would help, however, if you were to check your fluid level. If it is low then you may get by with having the leak fixed & transmission filled to the right level. However, all of that bad slipping has now done more damage.

Perhaps you should just take it to a local transmission shop for a once over & advice.

Transmission was serviced with fluid and filter change in March of this year. That shouldn’t be the issue.

Appreciate your information on the seals. This transmission was put in about 4 years ago. Fluid level is good. I had the fluid and filter change in March/April of this year. There is no indication of leaks. Knowing my car’s quirks, I DON’T let the transmission slip. Thanks for your input.

60 degrees is a heat wave here in NH at this time of year. It is not cold.

Bottom line: if your tranny fluid is properly filled and the tranny is slipping, you need to see a tranny shop ASAP. It has an internal problem and will only get worse as you use it. You need a tranny expert and the tranny will need to be opened up.

Sincere best.