Transmission shifting out of park problems

I have an idea what the issue is with this jeep but i wanted some other peoples opinion.

So the vehicle starts and runs. When i shift it out of park into any other gear (reverse, neutral, drive, drive 1 2 , or even the side manual shift u feel nothing. U cant feel it shift into any gear and it will not move. It feels like its still in park. Just revs up.

Any opinions ?

That’s called a slipping transmission.

Not good.


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what year is your jeep? any codes?
is the tranny fluid low?
it could also be something disconnected in the shifter.

Check the shift lever/cable on the side of the transmission for movement while shifting.

Troubleshooting Jeep Transmission Problems (

since you have not told us the year, I will leave this just in case yours is one of them.

Its a 2005 grand cherokee. Im not so sure about it just being a slipping transmission. It shouldnt do absolutely nothing with every gear. It should do something. The shifter is working because its saying its in gear when u shift but its doing nothing. Its like u never even took ot out of park. It sounds like the shifter solenoid to me. ? Or maybe even the transmission control isnt talking to the shifter solenoid. If the transmission was going out it wouldnt be all gears over night and it wasnt shaky before this happend so im not thinking torque converter… idk i could be wrong though.

  1. Tranny fluid good. No codes. Its showing on the dash its moving from park to drive, reverse ect. when i shift so the shifter is working. If it was the actual tranny going out it should atleast go in one gear (reverse if not first) as far as the torque converter i didnt feel shaking before. What do u think ? Just parked it, then the next morning this. Shift solenoid ? Or transmission control maybe…

Get underneath and look at the transmission where you’ll see the shifter cable going to the tranny. After setting the parking brake where it can’t roll, have someone shift the lever back & forth while you look from underneath to see what the cable is doing and if it’s still connected to the transmission and moving. just because the shifter moves in the vehicle doesn’t mean something is not disconnected.


Its an electronic shifter

when you start your vehicle are the PRND lit up all at the same time?

if so, you can try this its free to do. if not, it would not hurt to try it.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Electronic Shift module cleaning video.wmv - YouTube

The shift lever position sensor is in the shift lever module, the indicator in the gauge cluster proves this is working.

You must inspect the shift lever cable. Park, reverse, neutral and drive are shifted mechanically via the cable, upshifts and downshifts in drive are shifted electronically.


I don’t think it is.

Ill check the shifter cable

No the prnd arent lit up at the same time. Only a box around the gear it is supposed to be in