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95 Grand Cherokee Transmission problems

My jeeps transmission seems to be slipping and not shifting to all the gears. It seams to only go to third and stay there. I’m not sure if the speedometer has anything to do with the transmission however it no longer works. The tachometer works fine. I am thinking the transmission may need to be replaced but i’m no expert.

If the speedometer isn’t working, the problem might be with Vehicle Speed Sensor. This not only sends a signal to the speedometer, but also to the computer. If the computer is recieving faulty signals from the VSS, the computer does know when to shift the transmission.


These transmissions are well known for their internal leakage problems. This causes delayed and no shifting problems. Overdrive on this transmission is electronically controlled. The 1-2 and 2-3 shifts are hydraulic and governor controlled. If this transmission has not been previously rebuilt, its definitely time. What you might want to do first is check the fluid level and condition. Get the vehicle on a level surface with the engine and trans hot. With the engine running and the gear selector in NEUTRAL, check the fluid level and condition. If its low and it hasnt been serviced lately, drop the pan change the filter and refill using Chryslers ATF+4. DO NOT use any other fluid than ATF+4. Let us know what you find out.