I NEED HELP ASAP THANK YOU! 1988 Jeep Cherokee

My jeep just got it back and the transmission ain’t slipping in drive but it’s not shifting. I can drive it in drive but does not shift? also i had the pistion rings all done and head got it back like that and i am mad because wen i took it to him to have it fixed the transmission was working fine. Then i took it back to him and he said he did not touch the transmission. I NEED HELP PLEASE SOMEONE. THANK YOU MICHEAL

Have you checked the trans fluid?
I ask because it was necessary to drain the motor oil for the internal engine repair, and it is possible that someone first drained some of the trans fluid by mistake before draining the motor oil. If they then forgot to refill the trans, that would produce shifting problems.

So–first step is to check the trans fluid. If it is OK, then you really have no choice but to take it to an independent trans shop for diagnosis. DO NOT go to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or any other chain unless you want to be told that you need a new transmission–whether you really do or not.

I had to re-read your post 5x before I got a handle on it…try punctuation from time to time… ANYWHO…If you got all of that engine work performed then they had to remove the engine to properly do all of that work. My guess it that they either missed something or damaged something related to the transmission when they had the engine out. Could be as simple as a wire connection.

When you say it does not shift are you stuck in first gear then? Need some more info pls.

When the engine was repaired, all the vacuum hoses would have had to be disconnected. Check to see if the vacuum hose to the vacuum modulator on the transmission was reconnected. If it wasn’t the transmission won’t shift correctly.


Well wen i throw it into 3rd then 2 then drive its fine then if i try to just throw it in drive it wont go much at all. We looked for a grounds and nothing was off and we did drain the transmission its good. any help please.