To replace a transmission or not

I have a 2000 Honda Accord with 104,000 miles. The transmission is shot. Doing 70 on the Garden State Parkway the PRM’s went to zero and the car just coasted. A new transmission is going to run $3500. The blue book value is about $7000. Is it worth it to replace the transmission or do I spring for a new (used) car?

If it needs a new transmission I’d get one. Your description of the failure is a little vague. Get a rebuilt transmission with a good warranty. The engine and the rest of the car could take you another 150k miles. A rebuilt transmission shouldn’t cost you $3500. Anyway you look at it though, replacing the transmission is going to be a lot cheaper than buying a newer car. And who is going to buy your Accord for $7k with a bad transmission? Nobody.

If the body is in good shape I would definately fix or replace the transmission… Honda’s hold their value real well.


A new transmission is going to run $3500. The blue book value is about $7000.

Value with new transmission $7,020.00 Value without it $7.00 It sounds like a good investment to me.

This description doesn’t sound like a transmission problem, but instead and engine/ignition problem. Are you saying that the engine died and the car coasted? What makes you think this is transmission related?

Investing $3,500 in a car that should last at least another 100,000 miles makes sense to me.

i agree that the rpms going to zero does not sound like a transmission issue. However, if the value is $7000 the only practical course is to fix it (then you can sell it and recover your money if you want). if you don’t fix it, it’s worthless.