Transmission replacement problems

Hi, I have a '97 Ford E250 with a new 4r70w transmission in new speed sensors, new range sensor, and it still wont get in gear and move. It will barely move if i rev the engine. New cooling lines. One leaks.

It basically is acting very similar to a bad shifting solenoid but its a new transmission. And this is similar to how the old transmission was behaving. Any ideas?

Pics and videos are available to aid troubleshoot this MAJOR DELEMA.

New transmission is basically acting as the old one just not leaking from the torque converter pan anymore.

Check the fluid level and appearance. If the fluid level is virtually the same with the engine running and off the cooler may be plugged.

Go back where you had the transmission replaced and let them deal with it.

If rig won’t move at shop that did trans I don’t think it made it home.