97 ford taurus transmission


I had a ax4n transmission replaced and it will not come out of first gear even if it is shifted manually. It is full of fluid. What could possibly be the problem?


How many miles sre on the transmission? Did you replace the fluid and filter everyb 30,000 miles per the owners mmanual maintenance schedule?
What is the present fluid like? Does it smell burnt? Did you notice any shifting problems before you lost your higher geaars?


If you just had it replaced then you should be asking whomever supplied / replaced it. Or, if you want people t make guesses you’ll need to provide a lot more info.


Thats going to be a mechanical issue, either in the valve body or possibly a faulty intermediate clutch. Do you have a warranty??



The funny thing is that the old transmission that was taken out was doing the exact same thing. Is this coincidental.


Have you had any random strange electrical problems? Like the radio going out when in reverse?

The AX4N, properly maintained, is pretty darned reliable. What has hit the Taurus is failure of the transmission range sensor. I’ve seen funky behavior coinciding with random electrical problems (doors locking/unlocking themselves, etc)… when the sensor is just bad enough, it can cause the transmission to act like its speed limited and refuse to leave lower gears.

This may not be your problem, but it may be. They may have replaced your transmission when it was a $40 part that sits on top of the transmission that needed replacement and nothing else…

That is just a guess, though…


Thanks for the tip. I will let you know if that worked.


All sensors are good. Service engine lite nor the check engine is on and they do work. Are there any more suggestions before I start searching for a transmission shop?