2006, 50,000 mile maintenance

My car is do for an oil change. I have been told I need several other services ( replace brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid etc ). I can not find these in the manual. What really needs to be done at this time?

Have you changed any fluids? At 50,000 I would replace all fluids if they’ve never been changed, if you plan to keep this car a while. Instead of flushes, I would do drain and fills now and every 25,000 from now on.

From the year of your Toyota, and the mileage on it indicates this vehicle is driven hard. And just from that, I would have the brake/transmission/and power steering fluids exchanged.


Only about 12-15k/year - why driven hard?

Do what is described in your manual only. Toyota engineers have written the maintenance manual with economical ownership of a car. Do what it prescibes and your vehicle will easily last 150k if not well into 200k.

You haven’t seen the maintenance schedule part of the manual. It is in there.

The coolant and transmission have a 100k change interval on my wife’s 2006 Sienna. However, it’s my preference to change the transmission fluid and filter (pan drop, not a flush) every 30-40k miles. The same interval applies to the coolant and the fuel filter. I’ll have it done in the spring when the van has ~35k miles. I’m hoping to get more than 100k miles out of this van. Getting the brake fluid flushed is not a bad idea either. At 50k miles, it’s probably time to replace the air filter too.

If it is a dealer recommending all these services with a big price tag, check an independent for the same services. I don’t go to the dealer, instead I use a trusted local mechanic. Note, this is my personal preference. I used this approach with my wife’s 98 Ford Windstar and after 8 years and 99k miles it was still running great.

Ed B.

If you no longer have the maintenance schedule that came with the car, then you can go to Toyota’s site to view the “official” list for every mileage interval.
Take a look at:

And, even if the official schedule does not list it, you should definitely have your brake fluid changed and have your transmission fluid (and filter, if so equipped) changed. Maintenance is invariably cheaper than the repairs that result from lack of maintenance.

It could be just a lot of highway miles. Not necessarily hard miles.

The brake and auto trans fluid I would do every 3 years definitely if you plan to keep this vehicle a long time.

Can you give us the whole list they suggested?

fazio; this is one of those situations where car companies sell “low maintenance” which will certainly get your vehicle reliably past the warranty expiration.

However, most poster here and other car program experts like Pat Goss on Motorweek recommend changing automatic transmission fluid, and engine coolant at 50,000 miles to GET THE MAXIMUM LIFE out of the vehicle.

Also, with traction control and ABS, I would change the brake fluid every 50,000 miles.

I also own a Toyota, bought new in 2007, and I intend to do all these things, even though the manual does not mention them.

By all means go to an independent mechanic, since the dealer will charge you a lot for these standard services. Make sure the coolant, transmission fluid and brake fluid meet Toyota specifications.

From the year of your Toyota, and the mileage on it indicates this vehicle is driven hard.

Are you saying that because of the low mileage??? I’m confused how you can determine that.

The poster needs to look at whether they plan on keeping this 150k miles or way beyond. The Toyota requirements will easily take you to 150k miles trouble free.

If you head into way beyond(>150k) the extra maintenance suggested is likely a good move.

Brake fluid every 2-3 years is a must. It is a safety item.

Automatic transmission fluid about every 30-40,000. It may not be listed in the official manual, but most of us will recommend it due to all the transmission we see that died because they did not get it changed soon enough.