2005 Ford Escape transmission range sensor

I use ford escape 2005, 2.3lt SUV 4x4, when driving the car, the gear changes by itself on the dashboard from D to 2 then to 1, and sometimes, it changes from D to N and R.
when you start the car and shift the gear to reverse ®, on the dashboard, you will see the gear on Drive (D) instead of R but when you accelerate it will neither go back or go forward.
When you put diagnostic machine on it while the problem persists, it says "Transmission range sensor input signal low.
I have changed the transmission range sensor almost four (4) times. when it is changed, the problem disappeared for about a week or two and reappear again.
I need help please.

Damaged engine and transmission mounts can cause this sort of thing. There’s one of Ray’s newspaper’s article about it coincidentally , available (today, 3.1.18) from the Car Talk website’s main page. Not saying that’s what the problem is, I doubt in fact it is; but if other remedies fail, should be considered.

It sounds like the contacts in the range sensor connector are loose making an intermittent connection. Wiggle the connector while someone observes the display.

A replacement range sensor connector pigtail is available from Ford or Rock auto.