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Transmission problems

I have a 2005 New Beetle,and lately the transmission has been surging when I accelerate, and jerking when it shifts down. There are 95,000 miles on the car, and I just recently changed the transmission fluid (for the first time). Also, on the dash, there is a digital display of P,R,N,D etc. for the gears. When the car is drive, for instance, the D is outlined. Lately, after about 15 miles after I start driving, all the letters are outlined. Please help!

What does the maintenance schedule list as the mileage to change transmission fluid??
For some vehicles 95,000 miles is far to long to wait.

You really need to start changing the trans fluid every 25-30k miles. That digital display issue could be a number of things. You might want to have a trans shop scan the computer for any problems first.


I agree with transman. As I recall that transmission has advantages, but it does seem to have some problems.

VW uses their own computer. Most places can scan the computer and obtain many of the possible error codes, but in order to make computer adjustments and to read some error codes you need to use a special VW code reader [VAGCOM] You might want to pick a shop that has one and if they look totally lost when you ask about a VAGCOM, you might want to move on to a different shop.

I also seem to recall a recall on that transmission, but I am not certain. You might want to check with a dealer about that. Good Luck