Tranmission out on a 2008

AUGH! Dealer says my Mercedes Benz 2008, with 50,000 mil needs a new transmission to the tune of 6,000. After short distance driving and regular maintenance is this possible? a fluke? or what? Just need some advice - I ve never heard of a car needing such help after such low mileage.

You have not stated what symptoms existed but assuming the diagnosis is correct and while it’s tragic to die so soon it also happen with every other car make out there. Transmission, engine issues, axles,it’s always something.

The Benz booklet shows a transmission fluid/filter change at 40k miles and you state the car has had regular maintenance.
Should this be taken to mean the Benz dealer is the one who has been servicing the car and that the trans fluid was changed?

Just wondering if an independent shop has done the services and possibly used the wrong fluid.

I had a Honda Civic tranny go at 48K (out of warranty), but with a little coaxing at the dealership, they fixed it free. Certainly, Mercedes is as good as Honda at backing their products.

Does Benz have an extended warranty on the drive train? Some manufactures have up to 10 years on the drive train.