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Transmission "bump"

2005 automatic. 48,500 miles. Periodically, apparently dependent upon nothing, as I slow from crusing at 45-50 mph, there is a mild/strong “bump” from under the hood. I believe the transmission gearing down. I can go for 2-3 weeks and nothing. Then, I get these bumps! Temperature or weather do not seem to factor in. I have complained to the dealership every time I have routine maintenance. VW says “w don’t hear it, so there is nothing to repair.” My extended warrenty ends at 60,000 miles. My fear is the transmission will hit the street at 60,001. You cousel, please.

Change the trans fluid (don’t flush!) and see if that helps.
Trans fluid should be changed every 30k miles anyway.
This doesn’t have to be done at the dealer, but make sure the fluid VW specifies is used, not some generic soup with an additive.

I wouldn’t take it to VW. I second the fluid change and take it from there.

I also will recommend a fluid change. IMO it is due. Transmission fluid is one of a very few things I would disagree with the manufacturer on. I recommend changes between 30 - 50,000 miles. There is no guarantee that a fluid change will fix it. But there is a good change it will and it really due anyway.

If you are unfortunate enough to have it fail soon after changing it, please don’t blame the fluid change for the failure. Many people never consider a transmission fluid change until a problem starts to show then they do the change and if it does not fix the problem (often the problem was caused by not changing it soon enough) don’t blame it on the change.

I also agree you would be better off (cheaper) to have the work done my a non dealer independent (not a chain) mechanic. You also should make sure the correct fluid is used, I would suggest buying the fluid directly from the dealer and providing it to the mechanic. At least make sure the fluid meets VW’s specifications.

Sorry about that extended warranty, but for the most part they are a very poor investment.

Last but not least, Read up on the lemon laws for your state (links below) They will help you out. Get everything down in writing and if you are covered under the lemon law make sure you dot every “i” and that may save you.