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Transmission pan

Where do I find a transmission pan for a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

On The Very Bottom Of The Transmission

Good one! Reminds me of the airplane mechanic’s repair order with the complaint- “left engine missing”. The mechanic wrote down, “left engine found after brief search”.

To the OP- do a google search on “transmission pans” and find a long list of suppliers. The alternatives are the dealer or a junkyard part. You will need to know which transmission you have in order to specify the replacement pan.

You didn’t say if it was a V-8 or 6 but if a V-8 some Dodge pickups might be the same.

Short of a boneyard you might try this. Cheap enough for new.

(Good one! “On the very bottom of the transmission”.) :slight_smile: