Left shifting

My car feels like it’s “slipping” but ONLY when I make a left turn. When I check the transmission fluid, it is low. I fill it; it works fine for a while, then starts “slipping” only on left turns again. Suggestions? A leak somewhere, but WHERE? Why only left? Please don’t tell me to only make right turns! :slight_smile:

I suspect that you have two different problems.

First, as to the transmission, there is clearly a leak. I would suggest that you have the leak situation evaluated on this Cherokee of unknown vintage and unknown odometer mileage. Remember that leaks can sometimes increase in volume unexpectedly, and as a result, you could wind up ruining your transmission by running it dry.

The “slipping” could be an indication of a bad CV joint, or it could have something to do with the vehicle’s center differential. If it is the latter, this could get very expensive if it is ignored. If it is a CV joint, it is not dangerous or extremely expensive, but you could wind up being stranded somewhere when it eventually just breaks.

A trip to a good indy mechanic is in order.

Thanks. Will have it checked tomorrow. It’s a 2001 Grand Cherokee – famous for all sorts of problems

Well, it is a Jeep.

Sorry, but the Devil made me say that.

yeah. . . Just Empty Every Pocket!

Could be the fluid level problem IF,
The fluid pick up is on the left side of the pan and
if it has the wrong filter for the pan or
if the pan is dented or the pick up damaged…

The fluid could be sloshing away from the pick up tube.

That is a good theory also, ken. It could explain the “slipping” when making a left turn.

Since I advised the OP to take it to an indy shop, hopefully they can deduce the source of the leak as well as the other problem.

Hmmm…now that I think about your theory…if the pan is dented and damaged, that could also explain the leak. Perhaps these two situations are related in some way after all.