Transmission Slips only on left turns

I have a V6 Automatic 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 94k miles on it. For the last two years my transmission has been slipping only when I make left turns. I have tried changing fluid and filters. The problem hasn’t gotten worse but it is pretty dangerous as I cannot accelerate when I make a left turn. I was wondering if there is anything that could be causing this problem.

Have the CV joints checked.

I’d like to be sure you’re describing this problem correctly. Are you saying the RPMs of the engine go up but the car doesn’t accelerate?

Sounds like low fluid sloshing away from the pickup in the filter. Has anyone tried overfilling it to see if that would help? Maybe the wrong dipstick. By the way, the 4 liter is an inline 6 not a v6.


In that case, you can ignore my advice about the CV joints!

Classic symptoms of low fluid level. MAKE SURE you check the fluid level in your transmission with the transmission HOT, vehicle parked on a level surface, AND the gear selector in NEUTRAL. This is very important that you check the level in NEUTRAL. If you refill and check the level in “P” the transmission will read full but as soon as you move your gear selector away from “P”, the level will drop considerably. When the level drops the fluid will slosh around in the pan and will cause the pump to suck air when turning.


Can’t believe I googled this problem and up popped this. Having the exact same problem with my 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee and will try recommendations here. Much appreciated.

I just bought an 03 Cherokee yesterday in NJ and all was fine until the last 30 miles of my trip home to upstate NY. That’s when this exact thing started happening to me. Thanks for the incite and will be back to let you know the solution when I find it.

All right! Eight years and 10 years after the original post and solution, and people got helped.

It DOES help to keep these old threads alive. (But we gotta watch the original date when we respond.)

Who got helped ? The original poster has never returned and all that was really recommended was to check the fluid properly. The second poster has not returned either.

I had to create an account to respond to this. It worked! (Low fluid level)

Here’s my steps to recreating the issue. I wanted to change the ATF since it had been about 3 years since I’d done it on my 2010 Kia Forte. I changed it and started having this issue. The first problem I had was not paying attention to the size of the ATF bottle. It looked like a normal 5 quart oil container size. In reality, it was less than 4. So when I thought I was replacing around 3 quarts that I had drained, I really only replaced about 2 (maybe less).

Next issue was when I check the ATF. I would turn off the car and check the dip stick after about a 1 minute (taking out, cleaning off and putting it back in). This must have let the ATF pool back into the pan because it was reading a full level after 15 minutes of driving. The back of the dip stick said I needed to check it while it was idling in neutral. When I would do that, it looked like I was empty. Put another quart in and much better!

Just to verify we are talking about low transmission levels correct? I had my transmission flushed three weeks ago and my trans slips when I turn left only. I also have a power steering leak but that can’t effect trans, correct? I know nothing about cars :slight_smile:

You should check the transmission fluid level to be sure they got it right, many times they are in a hurry and do not check the fluid level after the road test.

Was the transmission malfunctioning before the fluid was changed? A 2001 Cherokee is old enough to expect transmission problems.