Transmission Ford Edge

I noticed my trans slipping. I took it into the dealer and they promounced it “just fine.” A few days later the car would not move when trying to start up at a traffic signal. Towed it in to the dealer. They said it was a seal and all the trans fluid leaked out. They replaced the seal and said I was “Good to go.” It will be out of warranty in 2000 miles. I swear it is slipping when accelerating on hills. The dealer insists there is no problem.

Is your AWD? Google ‘Ford Edge transmission problems’, there’s lots of info on problems with the AWD trannys.

CALL FORD. Seal failure along with loss of all fluid HAS damaged the transmission. They need to replace the transmission, under warranty,period. Dont let them get out of this. If you have to, take it to 3 different transmission shops and have them put it in writing and submit it to Ford.