2007 ford edge

have there been any reported problems with the transmission on the 2007 edge, slippage, oil leaks? i have had to take mine in twice to have seal replaced in the transmission

Is yours AWD? I think there have been problems with the AWD version.

Consumer Reports indicates the transmission minor category is a problem with much worse than average reliability for the 07. Same for the drive system on yours.

so, it sounds like the 07 edge transmission is a pile of trouble waiting for a time to happen. is there any hint of ford owning up to this problem and fixing it or replacing it, or is this going to be a no win situation for my car? and it is awd.

You need to get on a Ford Edge forum and see. I think there is some Ford action on it.

p.s.-just google ‘ford edge transmission problems’

pps-this is an AWD-related issue, not one for FWD as far as I know.

The drive train has a 5-year/60,000 mile warranty. Unless you drive a whole lot you have up to 3 years and many miles remaining. It’s good to ask your questions, but it’s not panic time.

There isn’t a no-win situation, or if there is it doesn’t have to be a disaster. Transmission major still looks better than average and so does the rest of the car, sort of.

Shawn, Looks Like Others Have Had Some Transmission / Transaxle Problems With Some 07 - 08 Edge Vehicles, Mostly 6F50 Transaxles.

I don’t know if the problems are more frequent than with other vehicles and I haven’t seen oil leak problems described.

Most of the problems have to do with driveability problems, not upshifting or downshifting to certain gears, no reverse, harsh shifts, clunks, speed sensors, PCM reprogramming, and even a concern requiring a sun gear and bearing replacement.

Hopefully, they will get it fixed and the problem will be solved. Hang on to any paper work and be sure that all your complaints are documented on Repair Orders in clear language.