2016 Ford Edge transmission thunk

Transmission sometimes may a loud thunking noise when driving on highway and vehicle is shifting. Vehicle already had Engine and Transmission replaced before 5000 miles. My sensor on the car go off with nothing around and car is clean on outside.

You don’t say how many miles are on your Edge but you should have a 5 yr/50000 mile power train warranty. If you’re within that period take it to your local Ford dealer.

2016 Ford Edge Sport had 2200 miles when engine went all out when in engine and then new transmission went at 2800 miles from fixing engine. First year my car was in dealership about 6 months out of that year with one problem after another. Sensor need to be replaced in front driver seat and heat sensor in steering wheel. Then again with transmission at 4200 with a seal and parts to go with seal.

Is it still under warranty? If it is, take it back to the dealer. If necessary take it to a different dealer. If it’s no longer under warranty take it to a good transmission shop.

Which means NOT taking it to Lee Myles, Cottman, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO.
The OP needs to ask friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers for the names of reliable INDEPENDENT trans shops in her area.

At this point we don’t know where the OP needs to take it because we don’t know if it’s still under warranty. FWIW, an independent shop is no guarantee of quality work either, just a slightly better roll of the dice.

My vehicle is not under warranty. Everytime i took vehicle to dealership they would tell me no code. My transmission is still acting up, with trunking noise and shifting problems. No other Ford dealership would took my car under warranty, because of the first dealership but new engine and transmission in vehicle. My vehicle is 3 1/2 years old and have 33200 miles. I have a rental car a month to get engine fixed and 3 weeks for transmission fixed. My vehicle should of been a Lemon Law vehicle. The panorama roof had to get fixed with lest then 1000 miles.

I sounds like this car-ownership experience hasn’t met your expectations. Sorry to hear of these problems. I can’t really offer anything more that hasn’t already been offered above. However at some point in the future you’ll be purchasing another vehicle. Suggest then to refer to what the various reliability rating publications like Consumer Reports have to say about the predicted reliability and cost of ownership. And if you are buying a used car, make sure to get a pre-purchase inspection from your own mechanic first. There’s some common sense stuff you can do also, like selecting a model with the functions you need, but avoiding unnecessary bells and whistles and other add-ons, especially electronic gadgets. A manual transmission is usually a better selection from a reliability/repair cost perspective too, but a car for sale w/that option can be hard to find.

A defect like a defective/malfunctioning moonroof would not have been covered under the terms of any Lemon Laws with which I am familiar. These statutes all seem to limit the type of problems that are covered to something along the lines of… a defect that materially affects the safety or driveability of the vehicle.

As annoying as a malfunctioning moonroof might be, one can safely drive the vehicle in that condition, thus… not something that would be covered.

Your powertrain warranty is 5 years/50000 miles. I’m at a loss to understand why having the engine replaced by the dealer under warranty would shorten or void your warranty. I’m sorry to hear that the dealers in your area appear to have written you off. Here are a couple of suggestions: Have a good mechanic drive your vehicle and see if he thinks there’s a significant problem. Expect to pay for his time. Drive to another town and test drive another Edge to see if “they all do that.” The Edge was last redesigned for 2015 so any recent model will be essentially the same as yours. Finally, if you can’t get satisfaction any other way it might be time to get the lawyers involved.

I purchase new every time. I also get my brother’s Ford discount. I owed a 2012 Ford Edge before this 2016 Ford Edge, I purchased a new one because I have to drive to Manhattan ever 3 months and I had no warranty left and a 4 hour drive one way. I looked under lemon law in my state.

Why do you think your warranty no longer applies?

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Thanks. That’s what I’d like to know.